Staff Nurse Positions availabe for Italian Nurses

KCR are giving fantastic opportunities for Italian nurses in the UK!

5 Reasons to work as a nurse for County Durham and Darlington


  • No IELTS/OET required

It is not necessary for candidates to have successfully passed the IELTS/OET exam as there is an OET training programme provided by the trust upon commencement.

OET VS IELTS 1 - Staff Nurse Positions availabe for Italian Nurses

  • Amazing salary and benefits

County Durham and Darling offer a band 5 salary, 3 months free accommodation, flight reimbursement of up to £250 along with return flight to domicile country after 6 months… this is just 4 of several benefits available by joining this NHS hospital.

  • Close to home

For those who wish to travel home during their time off, County Durham and Darlington is just 3 hours by plane from Manchester to Bologna.

airplane 11 - Staff Nurse Positions availabe for Italian Nurses

  • Beautiful City

The diverse geographical nature of the region means you can be in the countryside in less than ten minutes from all of our major towns and cities. We have more castles per square meter of land than anywhere else in England, as well as blue flag beaches on our doorstep and two stunning world heritage sites – Durham Castle and Cathedral and Hadrian’s Wall.

duram 2  - Staff Nurse Positions availabe for Italian Nurses

  • Great opportunities for professional development

Living and working in the UK is an excellent opportunity to become fluent in the English language, as you know you do not need to have successfully completed your IELTS/OET prior to the commencement so this opportunity allows you to learn the language while working on the job along with participating in a FREE OET programme.

We have recently placed nurse’s in County Durham and Darlington and we have received great feedback from them! They enjoy both the working and city life of County Durham and Darlington.

By working in an NHS hospital, you are further progressing your career opportunities in your home country upon your return as the NHS is one of the most highly recognised public health service in Europe.

  • Affordable cost of living

Living and working in the north/east allows for an excellent quality of life! Housing is at the top of many people’s priorities and with some of the lowest house prices in England, you certainly get a lot more home for your money.

Rent is also extremely affordable at approx. £550 a month.

If you or a friend/colleague are interested in attending a face to face interview for Durham and Darlington on the 23rd of January in Bologna, Italy, please email your CV to or call us on +35316715557.

We look forward to hearing from you!


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