Tips to help you take control in 2019   In the world we live in, it is often difficult to stop and take control of your day and the tasks aligned to you! At the beginning of the new year we always have great intentions with our new year’s resolutions and new motivations etc but after a week or two, we often fall back into our old routine and slowly … Continue reading

Tips and Tricks for the Night Shift It’s always difficult to get used to the night shift at the beginning but by adjusting your body clock and by following these few helpful tips it will become much easier to stay alert when it’s most important. We have carried out some research that allows you to pick and choose what tips you feel helps you best and you can then adjust … Continue reading

KCR are giving fantastic opportunities for Italian nurses in the UK! 5 Reasons to work as a nurse for County Durham and Darlington   No IELTS/OET required It is not necessary for candidates to have successfully passed the IELTS/OET exam as there is an OET training programme provided by the trust upon commencement. Amazing salary and benefits County Durham and Darling offer a band 5 salary, 3 months free accommodation, flight reimbursement of up to … Continue reading

Face to face interviews are being held on the 23rd of January in Bologna, Italy. There are very exciting opportunity available to work for Durham and Darlington NHS Foundation Trust, located in the UK. Below we have outlined a glimpse of what life will be like working as a nurse in the UK if you were to consider interviewing for this hospital and you are successful.   It is not necessary for … Continue reading

Job Interview Feedback   When you receive an invitation to interview for your dream nursing job it often feels like all your hard work has paid off and you start thinking about your new life overseas, but unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. Getting an interview is the first step, how you perform in the interview decides your faith. Sometimes, if it’s a job you really really want, nerves can … Continue reading

STEP BY STEP GUIDE TO THE NMC REGISTRATION PROCESS Before we begin, as an overseas applicant you must meet the following requirements to begin your application with the NMC; Hold a Nursing Diploma/Degree. Hold current nursing registration or a nursing licence without restrictions. Meet OET/IELTS requirements. FIVE STEPS IN THE APPLICATION PROCESS:   Step 1: Self-assessment: To ensure you are eligible to apply, applicants must complete a self-assessment online. Visit … Continue reading

How to Prepare for an Interview When You Haven’t Had One in Awhile Practice Makes perfect It is normal to have doubts or anxiety about interviewing after a long time, but by preparing yourself in advance you will become more confident in the interview which will result in the interviewer becoming more confident in you. In this case, practice makes perfect. Ask a friend or a family member to carry … Continue reading

Our Recruitment consultant, Niamh Hayes, recently travelled to Kochi, India on a recruitment campaign carrying out face to face interviews for Staff Nurse positions for The Royal Free Hospital NHS Foundation Trust. We asked Niamh to describe the day to day activities involved with NHS recruitment campaign. “One thing I enjoy about recruitment campaigns is that you can never be certain of what is going to happen throughout the day. Each … Continue reading

What is the New Children’s Hospital Group? The New Children’s Hospital will merge three existing children’s hospital into a singular body and will be located adjacent to St. James (adult) Hospital. Our Lady’s Children’s Hospital (Crumlin), Temple Street Children’s Hospital (Dublin) & The National Children’s Hospital (Tallaght), will join together resulting in all paediatric specialists being under one roof. What this means for the parents of the sick children is … Continue reading

Skype interviews are becoming a common practice in the screening process, especially when it comes to international nursing positions. Interviewing on Skype gives you the opportunity to interview for your dream nursing job – without having to travel. The KCR team have put together 7 useful tips and tricks to put your best self forward for the Skype interview. Look the Part You might feel strange sitting at home wearing … Continue reading